Academic Integrity

SCP expects honesty from students in presenting all of their academic work. Students are responsible for knowing and observing accepted principles of scholarly research and writing in all academic work.

Academic dishonesty or cheating includes acts of plagiarism, forgery, fabrication or misrepresentation, such as the following:


·  claiming the work or thoughts of others as your own

·  copying the writing of others into your written work without appropriate attribution

·  writing papers for other students or allowing them to submit your work as their own

·  buying papers and turning them in as your own

·  having someone else write or create all or part of the content of your assignments

·  submitting the same paper for more than one study or class without explicit permission from the faculty members

General Principles


SCP is committed to principles of trust, accountability, clear expectations and consequences. It is also committed to redemptive efforts, which are meaningful only in light of these principles. Students will be granted due process and the opportunity for an appeal.

Academic dishonesty offenses generally are subject to incremental disciplinary actions. Some first offenses, however, receive severe penalties, including dismissal from the program. 

General Disciplinary

The following is a non-comprehensive list of possible actions apart from dismissal from the program: warning from a professor, program director; a lower or failing grade on an assignment, test or course; suspension or dismissal from the course; suspension or dismissal from the program.

Disciplinary Actions for Specific Offenses


Some academic dishonesty offenses call for specific disciplinary actions. The following have been identified:

Falsification of documents: Students who falsify or present falsified documents may be dismissed. Prospective students who are discovered to have presented falsified admission documents prior to admission shall be denied admission to the program. Should it be discovered after admission that a student had presented falsified documents for admission, such admission may be annulled and the record of academic achievement removed from the academic record, with appropriate notations. Such annulments or denials may be reviewed after one year.

Dishonesty in course requirements: Course work (a quiz, assignment, report, mid-term examination, research paper, etc.) in which a student has been dishonest generally will receive zero points towards the grade in fulfillment of a course requirement, and/or the student may receive a failing grade for the course. The professor of the course determines the appropriate consequence.

Final assignment: When a student cheats in a major or final assignment such as a comprehensive examination or presents plagiarized material in a major or final assignment, that student shall receive an F in that particular subject. Student cheats on more than two exams shall be dismissed from SCP.


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