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Student Government

Executive boards and members of SCP student government take leadership roles in engaging students in college communities and in the metropolises, organizing student events, voicing students’ opinions, creating SCP traditions and enhancing the SCP experience for both students and faculty members.


Executive Board members 2018:

SCP Student Government at Beijing

President 主席 : Chunfei Chan
Director of Publicity 宣传部长 Chunfei Chan

Director of Planning 策划部长:Yilin Yao

Treasurer 财务部长:Yaowei Han


Executive Board members 2017 :

SCP Student Government at Beijing

President 主席 : Yu Zhang
Director of Publicity 宣传部长 : Baiyang Yao

Director of Planning 策划部长:Shuyu Jin

Director of Administration 行政部长:Yanpeng Zhang


SCP Student Government at Shanghai

President 主席 & Director of Planning 策划部长 :  Bo Chen

Treasurer 财务部长:Haoxiang Huang
Director of Publicity 宣传部长: Huiyu Zhao

Director of Administration 行政部长:Die Hu



Executive Board members 2016 :

SCP Student Government at Beijing

President 主席 : Qiutong Guo
Treasurer 财务部长:Rongyi Song
Director of Publicity 宣传部长 : Yueying Li

Director of Planning 策划部长:Yilu Chen

Secretary 秘书 : Zihui Liu, Yuan Yue


SCP Student Government at Shanghai

President 主席: Haoxiang Huang
Vice President 副主席:Xuefei Liu
Treasurer 财务部长:Jingfeng Xiang
Director of Publicity 宣传部长: Kaiyue Zhang
Director of Planning 策划部长:Xueyuan Hu

Secretary 秘书 : Tian Li

Executive Board members 2015:

SCP Student Government at Beijing

President 主席 : Junlin Pan
Treasurer 财务部长:Qiqi He
Director of Publicity 宣传部长 : Yiwen Gao

Director of Planning 策划部长:Junlin Pan

Secretary 秘书 : Qiqi He

SCP Student Government at Shanghai

President 主席: Pengcheng Xia
Vice President 副主席:Han Zhou
Treasurer 财务部长:Jue Wang
Director of Publicity 宣传部长: Lingyun Ye
Director of Planning 策划部长:Meng Hao

Secretary 秘书 : Qingling Cai



Executive Board members 2014:
SCP Student Government at Beijing

President 主席 : Huachen Wang
Vice President 副主席:Leijie Wang
Treasurer 财务部长:Yuwei Jing
Director of Publicity 宣传部长 : Wantian He

Director of Planning 策划部长:Chengguang Zhang

Secretary 秘书 : Huimin Li

SCP Student Government at Shanghai

President 主席: Yingxin Dai
Vice President 副主席:Yu He
Treasurer 财务部长:Mingxiu Sui
Director of Publicity 宣传部长: Yujie Dai
Director of Planning 策划部长:Mingkuan Chen

Secretary 秘书 : Shuting He


Executive Board members 2013:
SCP Student Government at Shanghai

President 主席 : Mingxue Zhu
Vice President 副主席:Xinghui Teng
Treasurer 财务部长:Jing Li/ Treasurer assistant 财务助手:Jijun Wang
Director of Publicity 宣传部长: Yunzhi Zhu/ VP: 副部长:Zhuoran Ma
Director of Operations 组织部长:Zhige Song/ VP: 副部长: Zhili Xia / Kang Chen



Application Process

An advisor at each campus will notify all students of the campus about this opportunity in June via email. If you are willing to apply, please fill out application form online, and if selected, take a video interview via Skype. And then… welcome to our big warm SCP family!



Need help? Speak to an advisor: +86-10-56136008 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:30pm & 1:30-6:00pm Beijing Time








Resource & Activities



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