Academic Standards

Course Hours and Credits

SCP course structure is identical to the majority of North American universities and colleges. All courses contain 60 contact hours (50mins/contact hour) and 100 hours of after-class study. Each course will be awarded 4 credits from the host university, equivalent to the credits of a standard semester-long US university course. Students who apply for transcripts issued by American collaborated universities click here to know the credit hours of each course. 


Notice: Approval of a course as "equivalent" to a course at your university does not guarantee that it will be awarded identical credit hours. While the first decision is made before the student enrolls, the second decision is usually made after the final transcript is received. If you wish to be certain that a course will receive identical credit hours, it is your responsibility to identify the office that will evaluate it and submit the syllabus to them for evaluation.


Dates and Times

SCP Beijing Campus operates from June 22 to July 18, 2018; SCP Shanghai Campus operates from July 20 to August 20, 2018, each session is 140 minutes in length; 60 contact hours in total. Click here for Important Dates.



Most courses at SCP are introductory level college courses, and do not have prerequisites, with the exception of a few. Students should check with their home institutions for course prerequisites.


Class Size

SCP strives to improve students’ learning experience by maintaining high academic standards and a class size of 50 students the maximum. SCP may set minimum and maximum enrollment limits for any course.



All SCP courses are taught in English except for Chinese language courses. 



Students should register for courses after admission and completion of payments for tuition & fees. SCP strongly recommends that students register for courses as soon as possible to guarantee their spots.


Adding Course(s)

Beijing Campus: Stduents can add a course on their application system before May 30 2018, or manually add courses between June 25 and June 28 2018 at the administration office if seats are available. 

Shanghai Campus: Students can add a course on their application system before May 30 2018, or manually add courses between July 21 and July 25 2018 at the administration office if seats are available.


Dropping Course(s) with No Record

Beijing Campus: Students can drop a course on their application system before May 30 2018 or manually drop course between June 25 and June 28 2018 at the administration office, and the course will not be included in your transcript.

Shanghai Campus: Students can drop a course on their application system before May 30 2018 or manually drop courses between July 21 and July  25 2018 at the administration office, and the course will not be included in your transcript.


Dropping Course(s) with a “W”

A student may withdraw a course before the deadline with approval of the instructor. The student must fill out and sign a withdraw form, obtain a signature from the instructor, and return the form to the SCP Administration Office before the deadline. The course grade will appear as a “W” on your transcript, which does not affect your GPA.

Deadline of Beijing Campus: 5PM, July 12, 2018

Deadline of Shanghai Campus: 5PM, August 15, 2018


Final Grade Appeal

If students have questions or concerns about their final grades of summer school. Students should contact related professors to submit the application of final grade appeal within three days after the final grades announced.


Need help? Speak to an advisor: +86-10-56136008 Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm & 2-6pm Beijing Time








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