How to Apply

1) Submit online application form and receive electronic admission letter


Sign up for an SCP student account and complete all required information. Your application forms will be reviewed by admissions officers on a rolling basis. Qualified applicants will receive a letter of admission within 1 business day.


2) Pre-approve courses


Print the syllabus and check with your department advisor or study abroad advisor to pre-approve courses.



Official transcripts will be provided by SISU (Shanghai campus) and CUC (Beijing campus); if your school does not accept transcripts from Chinese universities directly, you will need a transcript from our partner American universities to receive credits for participation in Summer China Program. Transcripts from our partner American institution can be issued for a fee. Check with your university if you are unsure whether they will accept transcripts from Chinese universities. You need to apply for an American transcript by May 10, 2020.


3) Pay for tuition and fees


You can make payments online (by PayPal支付宝, or 快钱) or by bank wire transfer, in USD, CAD, or RMB (CNY). Pay tuition and fees by the deadlines to receive early action discounts. Late payments (after May 28 2020) will result in a late application fee. Bank wire transfers may take up to one week to be received by SCP. Once received, funds are posted to your student account, and you will be recognized as an enrolled student.

Please refer to Tuition & Fees, Payment Options, and Financial Aids for more information.

Since September 16, 2020, we will only accept the payment in RMB per the requirement of related national department. If you pay in foreign currency, your tuition will get returned automatically. If you have paid in foreign currency and request refund of tuition after September 16, 2020, we can only refund your tuition in RMB based on the exchange rate of the day we refund you the money and the exchange rate we use is provided by Bank of China. 


4) Enroll in courses


Register for desired courses in the application system after your tuition and fees paid in full and confirmed by SCP. If you want to take three courses during summer, please upload your current transcript to our online application system before registering the third course. Your transcript must indicate that you will have completed at least two semesters of college-level studies with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher by orientation day of SCP.


5) Apply for Chinese visa (optional)


For short-term study programs, you may apply for a Tourist Visa (L), Visit/ Study Tour Visa (F), Short-term Study VIsa (X2). You may go to the nearest Chinese Embassy and submit the appropriate forms and relevant documents. If you cannot go in person, you may apply through a Chinese visa service agency. Here are some recommended agencies:

For more information concerning visa application, please visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy:


Need help? Speak to an advisor: +86-10-56136008 Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:30pm & 1:30-6:00pm Beijing Time








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